ThinVNC HTML5 Remote Desktop, now with WebSockets and Seamless Windows

ThinVNC newest beta build is now available on the product site. With this build, added to its pure HTML5 web browser client, ThinVNC brings a brand new native MS Windows client with Seamless Windows support. Now, you can access a remote computer and work with remote and local applications seamlessly integrated on the same local desktop.

The new ThinVNC Windows Client connects to ThinVNC server using the WebSockets protocol, enabling native HTTP(S) firewall-friendly connections without the typical overhead of an HTTP encapsulation. A new WebSockets-enabled HTTP(S) Server is now in place to allow parallel WebSockets and AJAX long-poll implementation.

Additionally, ThinVNC gateway functionality has been enhanced to proxy other ThinVNC servers using WebSockets protocol, easing the external access to intranet PCs using pure HTTP and SSL3/TLS1.

On its pure-web remote access mode, this new build brings full clipboard support and several fixes. A WebSockets native browser client is under development and expected to be released soon.

What’s new?

· New WebSockets-enabled HTTP(S) Server.

· New Windows Client with WebSockets and Seamless Windows support

· HTML5 browser client clipboard support

· Fixed scale issues on Firefox

· Optimized Google Chrome Frame installation for IE

· Solved drawing delay when switching tabs during a presentation

· Fixed other miscellaneous errors

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