An HTML5 Remote Desktop implementation

VNC and Remote Desktop software (RealVNCTightVNCUltraVNC, MS Remote Desktop, etc), where around for a long while now. Undoubtedly they work great for most of purposes, I wanted to bring the old VNC / Remote Desktop concept over the web, to allow full web-application integration and full cross-browser cross-platform support out-of-the-box.

ThinVNC is an attempt to this: a pure web remote desktop access application HTML5 based, supported for the majority of web browsers and operating systems.

Despite its name, ThinVNC is not a traditional VNC, as it does not implement the AT&T RFB protocol. Instead, it rests on today's web standards: AJAXJSON and HTML5.

Recent news (May 2015):

- ThinVNC has evolved into Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation.
- Full ThinVNC SDK 2.0 can be downloaded, being available on a royalty fee basis. Contact us for pricing and licensing information.
-The old ThinVNC Open Source (version 0.9) must be taken as a technology preview, you can download the latest zip file from Source Forge