VNC got thin! New pure-web remote desktop solution

Cybele Software, Inc. introduces ThinVNC, a new remote desktop solution that boosts and enhances remote technical support and administration tasks, allowing users to remotely access a desktop using just a web browser.

ThinVNC was built from the ground up taking full advantage of AJAX, JSON and HTML5 technologies. By implementing a number of techniques not available in traditional AT&T RFB protocol, it achieves a remarkable performance, rivaling any traditional VNC.

ThinVNC exploits HTML5 canvas to display a remote PC desktop, not requiring any additional plugin, add-on or installation of any kind on the client side. Regardless of the computer or mobile operating system, ThinVNC provides native, secure data transmission using HTTP and SSL.

Users can use the ThinVNC Presentation Manager to invite people to attend online demonstrations or trainings. Running on the web browser, ThinVNC removes the need of a “viewer” download making the attendance of non-tech people smooth and free of any setup issue.

On corporate environments, ThinVNC can be set up as a gateway to proxy other ThinVNC instances. By publishing only one IP, users can remotely get access to desktops on the LAN just by entering the internal IP/PC name in the welcome screen.

ThinVNC Server works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win 7/Windows Server 8. On the client side, ThinVNC is compatible with any Operating System and an HTML5 compliant browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc.

Recent news (May 2015):

- ThinVNC has evolved into Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation.
- Full ThinVNC SDK 2.0 can be downloaded for trial purposes, being available on a royalty fee basis. Contact us for pricing and licensing information.
-The old ThinVNC Open Source (version 0.9) must be taken as a technology preview, you can still download the latest zip file from Source Forge